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The Sunhome vinyl has arrived!

The Sunhome vinyl records have just arrived, looking and sounding beautiful! 250 copies on solid orange vinyl. Comes in a sweet looking cardboard sleeve with reverse-board printing. Pre-orders will be shipped out shortly, a big THANK YOU to all who have ordered!

Psych-pop sweethearts The Cush (Fort Worth, TX) joins the Follyphone family

We’re thrilled and honored to announce the addition of psych-pop sweethearts The Cush to the growing Follyphone Records family and its dazzling roster of top tier artists! In the time-honored tradition of husband/wife duos (think Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth) providing the creative core and identity of a band, Burette and Gabrielle Douglas bring a sound and musical vision all their own to The Cush.

The Telescopes at Swiss Psych Fest 2014

Behold the psychotropic apocalypse of The Telescopes at SWISS PSYCH FEST Saturday 10th May. Expect past present future tense, with members of The Koolaid Electric Company & One Unique Signal.