Lee la Loa

Lee la Loa is a highly promising new band from Poland with hauntingly beautiful vocals that burst with melancholic soul, all beautifully hypnotizing and eerie at the same time Hailing from Poland – Wroclaw specifically – this is a band that knows how to create atmosphere. There’s something dark and dense yet highly exotic about Lee […]

Rhyece O’Neill

Australian singer-songwriter Rhyece O’Neill invokes the blues, rock & roll and country with influences ranging from Iggy Pop, PJ Harvey, Townes Van Zandt, Lightnin’ Hopkins & Bob Dylan.

The Grus

The Grus is a Russian experimental trip-hop duo based out of Tver. The two-headed songwriting and production duo create their unique palette of sounds using analogue synths, old-fashioned guitars from the Soviet-era, tape recorders and an array of handmade instruments and microphones, as well as the melodious noise of the birds hovering outside the studio windows. Moving […]

Year of the Bear

Representing a twenty year work-in-progress, Year of the Bear officially embarked on their saga in the fall of 2011; Drummer Robby Rux, Josh Browning on Bass and Jen Rux’s otherworldly combination of guitar and Theremin generate rich tunes marrying the heart of subversive pop with soulful psychedelic noise. Spending their careers working as sidemen on […]

The Cush

In the time-honored tradition of husband/wife duos (think Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth) providing the creative core and identity of a band, Burette and Gabrielle Douglas bring a sound and musical vision all their own to The Cush. Formed in Dallas, TX in 2000, The Cush features sympathetic songwriting armed with vintage tape delays […]


Sunhome is a Norwegian experimental electro-acoustic project helmed by Fredrik Solheim Eriksen, along with his longtime creative cohort Kenneth Furre.  The main draw with Fredrik has always been his willingness to experiment with new sounds and textures. His love for music began at an early age with a passion for playing the bass. In and […]


Originally from Perth Scotland, THE WINDOWS are an original, hard-gigging classic/melodic rock band … with influences from THE BEATLES, THE ZOMBIES, ROLLING STONES, THE KINKS etc. THE WINDOWS was formed in late 2007 for a one-off charity night in a small bar in Perth, thus ending a 29 year gap from playing live for singer/songwriter […]


Electric Mystical Soul Vibration (EMSV) is a British psychedelic experimental project conceived in 2004 by Tony Tooke, born in Ashington, Northumberland, UK. Tony had a fascination with music from an early age and is self-taught in all the instruments he plays. In and out of bands since the early 1990s, Tony always experimented with sounds […]


Niclas Collén might just be Sweden’s best kept secret. He’s been writing, recording, mixing and producing his own music since the early 90s. Unique and haunting, his bluesy tunes slices through the Scandinavian indie scene like a feather through fog. The Stockholm based Collén is a multi-faceted musician: an insightful and versatile songwriter, a vocalist […]