follyphone_smallWe are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams …

Spesializing in limited editions, Follyphone is a small kitchen table label based out of Northern Norway, Scandinavia. Besides the obvious intention of releasing top quality music, the label aims to provide a new context for alternative, underground and non-mainstream music, and give bands and artists who deserve it a great platform and home for their music.

The best way to support our artists is to buy their music! It’s hard being an independent anything these days. An artist, band, label, shop, venue, you name it, it’s a struggle. So, please support our artists, go to their gigs, buy merchandise on the night, join them on facebook and share their music!

For booking and retail distribution inquiries please contact Golden Ass Music. For demo submissions and general enquiries, please email us at follyphonerecords@gmail.com.



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