Lee la Loa joins the Follyphone roster

We’re excited and proud to welcome the lovely Lee la Loa to our label family! Lee la Loa is a highly promising new band from Poland with hauntingly beautiful vocals that burst with melancholic soul, all beautifully hypnotizing and eerie at the same time

Hailing from Poland – Wroclaw specifically – this is a band that knows how to create atmosphere. There’s something dark and dense yet highly exotic about Lee la Loa. Maybe it’s their caressing sound. Maybe it’s the crackling vulnerability in frontwoman Paulina’s voice. Good singers are a dime a dozen… Great singers that connect with their audience in a real way are rare indeed. Not everyone can let the world in. Not everyone is willing to give others a window into their soul. But, not everyone can touch their audience in a real way either.

Lee la Loa are Paulina (vocals), Bonzzi (guitars), Marrio (guitar, keys), Basik (bass), and Petros (drums).


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